Gandhi, Nehru and Ambedkar Did Not Create Modern India

India’s DNA Was Forged In Fort William College Which trained Civil Servants and Translated the Bible in Indian Languages

(#7: How The Bible Created Modern India)

Three days a week William Carey taught in Fort William College in Calcutta. It trained civil servants. Vernacular Bibles were their primary text book. The College hired Pundits to help missionaries transform Indian vernacular into literary languages through Bible translation.

The Bibles, translated in Fort William College, were printed in the Baptist Mission Press in Serampore. The Bible was used to teach civil servants (a) Indian languages and (b) How to govern as servant-leaders.

Among other things the Thursday lecture will consider the crucial role played by Rev Claudius Buchanan, DD FRSE, who managed the college, recruited right kind of talent to govern India and wrote “Christian Researches in India” (1811). Buchanan was converted to Christ in London, under the ministry of the former slave-trader John Newton, who wrote the classic hymn, “Amazing Grace,”

Along with Henry Martyn (whose New Testament transformed Urdu into a literary language) Buchanan was mentored in Cambridge by Charles Simeon — The Father of 18-19 century Evangelicalism.

God promised Abraham that He would bless India and make it a great nation. Secular, Leftist and Hindutva historians suppress the truth by corrupting Indian history. God baptizes His servants with the “Spirit of Truth” so that they may study and celebrate God’s magnificent works in history (Psalm 111:2). For truth is the only foundations upon which a free and great India can be built.

An immediate goal of these Thursday meetings is to mobilize scholars to collaboratively write a book “How The Bible Created Modern India.” This is intended to celebrate the 75th anniversary of India’s freedom on 15 August 2022. Some of this research will inspire film-makers to make documentaries.

Write a book collaboratively is intended to build a network of scholars who will go on to create curricula, encyclopedia and dictionaries — a kingdom education ecosystem — to restore education back to the Church. It began as a means of discipling the nation and must play that role again.

Our book, The Third Education Revolution is available as eBook on Amazon. It has just been printed in the USA. European printing has begun. Please pray that someone will take responsibility to print it in India.

Thanks to RuahTech Solutions, is up and running. Please pray that we may be able to improve it in the next few days.

Please pray for

  1. Brother Prasanth David who has come down with Covid. He was researching for a technology platform that will facilitate collaborative research, writing and editing
  2. For Advocate Dr Selvi Ganesh who is recovering from Covid. She is helping us to revise the 1997 book, “India: The Grand Experiment.”
  3. For Kumar Patel as he transcribes Thursday lectures — we are yet to determine how to make them available for your review and improvements.
  4. For Jonathan Anchen, Ashish Alexander and Babu Verghese as they plan the future Thursday sessions. The current plan for June is as follows:
  • Thursday June 10: Christians As Civil Servants by John Samuel, Retired Post Master General for J&K.
  • Thursday June 17: Corruption and the Culture of the Cross” by Raja B Singh, Chartered Accountant
  • Thursday June 24: “Bringing Ethics Back into Civil Services” by Ms Shanthakumari Sunder, IAS

Yours for making India a Great Nation


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David Marshall

Dr. David Marshall is an educator who has taught in America, China, Japan and Taiwan. He has lectured in many countries, and often writes at The Stream.David Marshall returned to Seattle from teaching Chinese students how to do research in January 2020, and was then stranded by Covid.After riots broke out in late spring, he wrote an ebook entitled “Letter to a ‘Racist’ Nation, explaining the Woke movement from the perspectives of culture, education, and religious history, with added background supplied by his 40-year police veteran older brother, Steve Marshall.


Vishal Mangalwadi

Prof. Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi studied philosophy in Indian universities, Hindu Ashrams and L’abri Fellowship in Switzerland. Along with his wife, Ruth, he founded a community to serve the rural poor in central India and organized lower castes as a political force. Several of Vishal’s 21 books have been translated into 16 languages. Six of them have been taught at university level. William Carey International University honored him as a Legum Doctor. From 2014-16, he served as an Honorary Professor of Applied Theology at the Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences in Allahabad (UP) India. Vishal and Ruth have two daughters and six grandchildren.